Audit and Assurance

Our specialized team of accountants are entrusted to provide a comprehensive range of Assurance & Taxation services and Corporate Advice to our clients in India and around the globe. Pentagon Taxcorp preserves professionally qualified and well experienced resources that are further enhanced with special training in one or more areas, to add value to the organization.

Statutory Audit

We carry out Statutory and Tax Audits to ensure that your financial statements present a true and fair view of financial positions and operational results in accordance with the guidelines issued by the regulator. Statutory Audits are conducted to report the state of company’s finances and accounts to the Government of India. The audit report are prepared strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations defined by the Government agencies.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit is a management tool used to review and evaluate the operations of the entity and guide the management in the initiation of corrective action. Our internal audit team works in an independent and objective manner to add value and improve an organization’s operations through our audit and assurance services. Concurrent audit involves the examination of financial transactions to verify if they have been conducted in accordance with the systems and procedures laid down.

Stock Audit

Stocks and physical assets such as raw materials are critical real assets and needs systematized management. As a large number of companies are operating across the borders through multiple locations and channel partners, making asset management a challenge. We aim at delivering focused services to companies to keep their physical assets check intact.

Risk Advisory

We provide customized risk management advice to keep the organization compliant with Indian regulations, ensure that financial statements are reliable and overall help you to curtail avoidable losses.

Due Diligence

The financial due diligence process is one of the most crucial part of any transaction. Our aim is to enable entrepreneurs and decision makers to make sound investment decisions with great confidence at every stage. We aim at eliminating the risk and potential flaws of investing at domestic and international locations

Certification Under Various Laws

One of the most rigorous & significant services of professional is the issuance of certificates to its client required for various purposes under different relevant rules & regulation. Broadly, following types of certificates are being needed by the business houses based upon their constitution/ the privileges being be pleased by them under the law, financial arrangement with the financial institution, benefit & deductions to be claimed under statue and periodical compliance of relevant rules & regulation.

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