Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)



  • Aadhar Card copy of Key Persons
  • Pan Card copy of Key persons
  • Pan Card of the company / Firm
  • NOC From Municipality or Local Body
  • Address proof of key persons


  • Details of Equipment & Machinery, Installed Capacity, Horse Power (For
  • Manufacturing and Processing unit only)
  • NOC from Manufacturer (For Re-labellers or re-packers)
  • NOC From Municipality or Local Body
  • Certificate by Ministry of Tourism (Mandatory for Hotel)
  • Ministry of Commerce Certificate
  • Blueprint / Layout Plan of the Processing unit


  • How do I renew my FSSAI registration?

    FSSAI license can be renewed 30 days before the expiry of original license. You need to provide your current license number to the our team. We will re-file Form A and form B for renewal of the application/license. It typically takes 30-40 for renewal of the license. The government fee is the same for renewal as for new license issue.

  • I have manufacturing units in multiple states. Will I be required to get a common license for the company or an individual license for each unit?

    You will need a Central License for the registered office of your company and individual state licenses for each manufacturing unit in particular states.

  • I import food items for sale in India. Do I need a license from FSSAI?

    Yes, you will be required to obtain a central license from the address contained in the Import Export Code. For import export FSSAI central license is mandatory.

  • Is it mandatory for 100% export units to get FSSAI licensing?

    Yes, FSSAI license is mandatory for both export and import of food products. You will need to apply for the FSSAI Central License for your export unit.

  • We manufacture only food additives. Do I need a license from FSSAI too?

    Yes, FSSAI license for food activities of any kind including manufacturing, trading, distribution and transportation. Therefore, you shall need a license from FSSAI too.

  • Will license be required for a catering establishment that comes under the Central Government?

    Yes, all catering establishments, even those under central Government such as Railways, Airport, Seaport, and Defense etc. will have to get a license from FSSAI. In most cases, such establishments need to get a FSSAI central license.

  • What will be the license formality if warehouses are in more than one place but within the same locality (same municipality and same city)?

    Even if the warehouses are located in the same city but different location then a separate license for each location is required. However, if multiple warehouses are on the same campus, a single license is applicable with campus address.

  • How to get a license for restaurant?

    The process for getting restaurant license or catering license is similar to the other licenses.Sit back and let us make your work easy by getting FSSAI restaurant license for you; All you need to do is fill food license form online and send documents. Within 20-40 working days, we will mail you the FSSAI license status/food license status and there you go, you will get your food and safety license without taking much pain.

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