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EPF (Employees' Provident Fund) registration is a mandatory requirement for businesses in India that employ a certain number of employees. The EPF scheme is managed by the Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) and provides social security benefits to employees.

Here are some services provided by Pentagon Taxcorp for EPF registration:


Applicability: Pentagon Taxcorp assists you with EPF registration are mandatory for businesses with 20 or more employees. It applies to both private sector establishments and some specific categories of establishments in the public sector.


Employee Eligibility: EPF registration covers employees earning up to a certain wage threshold, which is currently set at INR 15,000 per month. Employees earning above this threshold can choose to become members of the EPF scheme on a voluntary basis.

Registration Process: To register for EPF, follow these steps:


EPFO's Unified Portal: Our professional expertise’s are doing needful to access the official EPFO Unified Portal ( and register as an employer.

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): we do register for a digital signature certificate, as it is required for EPF registration.

Generate EPF Code: we can help you to get approved; the EPFO will generate a unique Establishment Code and Employer's Provident Fund (EPF) Code.

EPF Returns and Compliance: Pentagon Taxcorp assisting you with file monthly EPF returns, providing details of employees' contributions, wages, and other relevant information. EPF compliance includes timely deposit of contributions and adherence to rules and regulations set by the EPFO.

Benefits for Employers:

  • Legal Compliance
  • Employee Retention and Motivation
  • Tax Benefits
  • Social Security for Employees
  • Employee Welfare

Benefits for Employees:

  • Retirement Savings
  • Long-Term Investment
  • Tax Exemption
  • Withdrawal Benefits
  • Life Insurance Coverage
  • Transferability
  • Access to Loans

Pentagon Taxcorp qualified professional has years of experience in assist and provide guidance for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding EPF registration and compliance.

Ongoing Support:Our commitment to your success doesn't end with registration. Pentagon Taxcorp provides ongoing support and guidance to help you overcome challenges and seize opportunities as your proprietorship business evolves.

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