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IEC (Import Export Code) registration is a unique 10-digit code issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) in India. It is required for businesses engaged in import or export activities.


  • Global Market Access
  • Legal Compliance
  • Access to Export Incentives
  • Ability to Open Foreign Bank Accounts
  • Easier Dispute Resolution
  • Brand Visibility and Recognition
  • Opportunity for Business Expansion

Find out how Pentagon Taxcorp can assist you in obtaining your IEC registration:

Necessity of IEC: IEC registration is mandatory for any individual or business entity seeking to engage in import or export activities in India. It is a primary identification number that enables businesses to participate in international trade.

Single Code for Import and Export: IEC is a single code that covers both import and export transactions. Once registered, the same IEC code can be used for all import and export operations of the entity.


Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): Pentagon taxcorp helps you to generate a digital signature certificate, as it is required for the online submission of the application..

Processing and Issuance: Upon successful submission of the application, the DGFT will review the application and supporting documents. If everything is in order, the IEC will be generated and issued to the applicant. 

Validity and Renewal: IEC registration does not have an expiration date and remains valid until it is canceled or surrendered. Therefore, there is no need for periodic renewal of the IEC code.


Use of IEC:

Once issued, the IEC code must be quoted in all import and export-related documents, including shipping bills, customs declarations, and invoices. It acts as an identification number for customs authorities and other relevant agencies.

Import/Export Benefits: IEC registration enables businesses to avail various benefits related to imports and exports, such as accessing export promotions schemes, claiming customs duty refunds, obtaining export incentives, and participating in government tenders and trade exhibitions.

The actual process and requirements may vary based on specific circumstances and updates in the DGFT regulations. Pentagon taxcorp has qualified professional for accurate and up-to-date information regarding IEC registration and compliance.

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