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Statutory audit refers to an independent examination of a company's financial records and statements to determine their accuracy, completeness, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The purpose of a statutory audit is to provide an objective opinion on the fairness and reliability of the company's financial statements.

Our Complete Statutory Audit Process

Pre-engagement PlanningOur statutory audit firm initiates the audit process with meticulous pre-engagement planning, delving into the understanding of your business and assessing risks associated with different entities.
Gathering Financial Records and Documentation:Subsequently, we diligently collect all pertinent financial data, including bank statements, invoices, and more, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of your financial landscape.
Conducting Audit Procedures: With the acquired data in hand, we conduct thorough audit procedures, collecting necessary evidence to substantiate your financial statements.
Communication with Management and Board of Directors: Engaging in open communication with management and the board of directors to discuss audit findings, fostering transparency and clarity.
Fraud Detection and Reporting: As part of the statutory audit process, we assess the risk of fraud and employ various measures to identify any financial discrepancies that may not comply with country-specific rules and regulations.
Presentation of Audit Observation Report with Recommendations:Our team thoroughly prepares an audit observation report, highlighting any identified fraud, which is promptly reported to the relevant authorities.
Audit of Internal Control Financial Reporting: We will provide you with the audit of internal control financial reports regularly along with necessary recommendations. This will help you to have a clear understanding of the current financial state of the business.

Why Choose Pentagon Taxcorp for Statutory Audit

Pentagon Taxcorp is your trusted partner for comprehensive audit services, catering to companies of diverse sizes and industries.

Qualified Experts & Industry Experience: Our team comprises highly qualified professionals with extensive experience across various sectors, from retail to healthcare. They bring the best auditing skills to the table and ensure compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations.
Technology-driven Approach: we leverage advanced technology tools and techniques to conduct audits efficiently and effectively. This allows us to analyze substantial financial data, identify anomalies, and manage risks with precision.
Ethical & Professional Standards: Pentagon Taxcorp upholds to the highest ethical and professional standards in conducting audits. We maintain strict independence and objectivity, we ensure confidentiality and security of your financial information, providing you with reliable audit opinions and recommendations.
Cost-Effective Solutions: Recognizing the significance of cost considerations for businesses, we offer competitive pricing without compromising service quality. By choosing Pentagon Taxcorp for statutory audits, companies can ensure they are getting the best value for their money.
Ongoing Support & AdvisoryOur relationship with clients does not end with the completion of an audit. Pentagon taxcorp provides ongoing support and advisory services to help businesses navigate complex financial and regulatory issues. This can include assistance with compliance matters, financial reporting, and strategic planning.

With us, companies can benefit from a long-term partnership that goes beyond just compliance.

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